KINBERCON 2019 is a three-day event that brings together hundreds of Pennsylvania’s leaders in education, healthcare, economic development, libraries, public media, government and technology to share ideas and success stories about using next generation networks and technology.


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Pennsylvania's only statewide IT conference for the research and education advanced networking community.


General workshops and lectures about technology, research, and innovation.


In depth discussions, workshops, and training on securing and protecting critical cyberinfrastructures.


Panels, discussions and sessions on broadband, including innovative broadband delivery to PA communities and broadband enabled opportunities.


Sessions, panels, and training focused on innovations in next generation networks and network based technologies and advancing research across Pennsylvania.

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KINBERCON also offers half-day and full-day workshops on Wednesday with class sizes ranging from 15-40 attendees. Training sessions will run from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, or 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM with breakfast and lunch provided to all attendees. Topics will support the themes of Research, Broadband, and Security as well as technical training courses.


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Enjoy breakfast and networking. Visit with sponsors.


Preparing for Education IT Challenges in the 2020's

Join DVL, your local Vertiv office offering Liebert products, for a joint presentation with Harrisburg Area Community College. Recently HACC was facing challenges regarding Disaster Recovery Planning. A back-up data center was needed and the KINBER network was available. DVL assisted in making their disaster recovery plan a reality by designing and installing a complete data center infrastructure package. Learn the details behind the problems and the solutions that enabled them to be prepared for education IT in the 2020’s. Presenter(s): Geraldine Brennan, Solutions Sales Manager, DVL Group; David Shaffer, Harrisburg Area Community College


Mapping PA's Broadband Landscape

Hear an update from Sascha Meinrath, Palmer Chair in Telecommunications at Penn State University and the Director of X-Lab and KINBERCON 2018 Keynote Speaker on the broadband mapping initiative currently being conducted across Pennsylvania. Hear results to date and updates from the PA Broadband mapping team after the first 12 months of the effort. Presenter(s): Sascha Meinrath, Palmer Chair in Telecommunications, Penn State University


It's Not a Project! IT Security as a Living Program

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) began creating a holistic IT security program following an accidental data exposure in 2012. This session will discuss the program, its six-year growth and maturity so attendees can leverage, modify and enhance it at their own institutions. Presenter(s): Bill Balint, CIO, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Paul Grieggs, IT Security Manager, Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Advancing Campus Cyberinfrastructure in PA: Updates of Funded NSF CC* Project Activities

Hear an update on several of Pennsylvania's NSF-funded Campus Cyberinfrastructure CC* project activities. Presenter(s): Wendy Huntoon, President and CEO, KINBER; Carrie Rampp, CIO, Franklin & Marshall College; Leslie Margolis, Interim CIO, Arcadia University; Vitaly Ford, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Mathematics, Arcadia University


Welcome to KINBERCON 2019

Be officially welcomed to KINBERCON 2019.


Opening Keynote: Promise or Peril: Big Questions About AI

When most people think about Artificial Intelligence, images from Siri, to Watson, to HAL dominate the discussion. The lack of clarity, from technical and social perspectives, around what actually constitutes AI makes it difficult for computer scientists, information security, privacy, and legal practitioners to develop and agree upon frameworks and principles for its future development. This keynote provides an overview of AI concepts and examines some of the information security, privacy, and legal issues that will influence the future development of AI. Keynote Presenter: Joanna Grama, JD, CISSP, Senior Consultant, Vantage Technology Consulting Group


Break and Vendors

Morning break and visit with vendors.


Using the Internet of Tomorrow Today - IPv6 Best Practices and Next Steps

Institutions in Pennsylvania are encouraged to consider implementing IPv6 on their networks in order to avoid leaving their institutions solely connected to a depleted Internet technology. IPv6 guarantees users' connectivity to services of tomorrow which will lack IPv4 connectivity. Hear perspectives from higher education and K12 in PA. Presenter(s): Kevin Partridge, Assistant Director, IT Infrastructure Services, West Chester University; Mike Graham, Director of Information Technology, Hempfield School District


Broadband Infrastructure Legislation and the Impact on E-Rate and Telehealth

Congress and the Trump Administration are both considering major broadband infrastructure legislation this year, and the SHLB Coalition has prepared its own draft bill promoting broadband investment focused on anchor institutions. SHLB is also working actively on a host of other broadband issues, including E-rate reform, Rural Health Care funding, and Educational Broadband Services (EBS). This presentation will review all of these developments, with a particular focus on their impact on educational networks. Presenter(s): John Windhausen, Executive Director, Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband Coalition (SHLB)


Cybersecurity in the Age of Cloud

Cloud is fundamentally changing how we need to be approaching cybersecurity. Digital transformation has pushed our organizations to adopt technologies that stretch beyond the traditional network boundaries and the attack techniques used against our organizations have transformed as well. Join Sean Sweeney from Microsoft, a former Higher Education CISO, in a review of the cybersecurity transformation that is occurring, the evolution of the threat landscape, and the new imperatives that allow organizations to operate in cloud securely. Presenter(s): Sean Sweeney, Americas Director & Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Solutions Group


Supporting Regional Research and Innovation: ERN, DIBBs, VDC Updates

Hear updates from NSF CC* PIs and project teams working on advanced regional research projects including ERN, Data Infrastructure Building Blocks (DIBBs) Virtual Data Collaboratory, and the NRP Pilot.


Break and Vendors

Morning break and visit with vendors.


The PennREN Network: The Next 10 Years

Update on the state of the PennREN network both today and as we look toward the next 10 years. Presenter(s): Gwendolyn Huntoon, President and CEO, KINBER


Anatomy of a Fiber Build

Learn from telecommunications industry experts about the many ways to connect your organization to that first, last or next mile to a more robust network. Fiber construction, IRUs, circuit leasing and wireless solutions will be discussed. Presenter(s): Deron Leight, Vice President ; Jeff Whitman, Network Solutions Advisor, Celerity


Credential Theft Prevention Techniques

According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), credential theft is one of the single biggest factors contributing to security breaches with over 81% of hacking-related breaches leverage stolen and/or weak passwords. In this breakout session, we will explore the lifecycle of credential theft and abuse, various techniques and technologies which can be adopted with the aim of neutralizing the risk of credential theft and credential leakage, and how to better improve your security posture with the aim of reducing security breaches. Presenter(s): Stefan Fouant, Director of Technology and Cloud Strategy, Sun Management


EPOC (Engagement Performance and Operations Center) Services and Activities Supporting Research in PA

The Engagement and Performance Operations Center (EPOC) is a production platform for operations, applied training, monitoring, and research and education support. Learn more about how EPOC provides researchers with a holistic set of tools and services needed to debug performance issues and enable reliable and robust data transfers. By considering the full end-to-end data movement pipeline, EPOC is uniquely able to support collaborative science, allowing researchers to make the most effective use of shared data, computing, and storage resources to accelerate the discovery process. Presenter(s): Jason Zurawski, ESnet



Network and socialize over lunch. Visit with vendors.


Women CEO and CIO Perspectives on IT Leadership

Women CEOs and CIOs share their perspectives on the ascension to IT leadership and inclusivity initiatives that encourage diverse participation and promotion in IT. Panelists will discuss their views and experiences with gender bias, how best to handle it, and how best to prepare the next generation of women IT leaders. Learn about the Women in IT Networking at SC (WINS) initiative, an effort to expand the diversity of SCinet volunteer staff and provide professional development opportunities to highly qualified women in the field of networking and other initiatives aimed at promoting inclusivity in the field. Presenter(s): Wendy Huntoon, President and CEO, KINBER; Susan Bowen, Associate Vice President for Information Technology, Chief Information Officer, University of Scranton; Dr. Celeste Schwartz, Vice President for Info Tech & Chief Digital Officer, Montgomery County Community College


Broadband Success Stories - Municipal, Rural and Cooperative Models

Broadband success stories from Pennsylvania will focus on how communities (rural, municipal and urban) are partnering together to bring broadband to underserved areas in PA. Presenter(s): Jeff Luck, Former Patton Township Supervisor (2006-2017) and Technology Lead, WPSU; Jennifer Wakeman, Executive Director, DRIVE


Vendor Risk Management: Knock Their SOCs Off

This session will help you understand the risks associated with vendor management and how to mitigate these risks and plan for successful, strategic vendor partnerships at your organization.


AI In Education: Designing NextGen Learning Spaces

Learn how PA colleges are leveraging AI to create unique learning spaces with streamlined workflows and automated functionality. Presenter(s): Robert Kennedy, University of Scranton


Break and Vendors

Afternoon break and visit with vendors.


Simplifying and Securing Your Campus Enterprise Networks with Fabric Technology

Join Platinum Sponsor, Integration Partners, for this session on how Ethernet-Based Fabric Networking delivers a simplified, agile and resilient infrastructure that makes network configuration and deployment of new services faster and easier--providing a network foundation for SDN and the automation promised by the industry. Presenter(s): Perry Heliger, Sr. Solutions Architect, Integration Partners; Chris Kolb, Senior Account Executive, Integration Partners


Funding Your Broadband Project

Get an overview and update on opportunities and programs to help fund your broadband projects.


Educating and Retaining the Security Workforce of Tomorrow

Hear from industry experts how to recruit, education, and retain critical cybersecurity talent for your organization. In PA, the National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance is working with several universities in an effort to better integrate an operational element into academic curriculum.


Internet2 Update and Research Engagement Tools and Initiatives

Update on what's new at Internet2 including advanced network capabilities, new research engagement initiatives such as the NSF-funded E-CAS program, and other research support resources for organizations in Pennsylvania. Presenter(s): George Loftus, Associate Vice President Business & Relationship Management, Network Services; Nili Tannenbaum, Director of Sponsored Research Administration


Break and Vendors

Afternoon break and visit with vendors.


E-Sports in PA Panel

Don't miss this panel on the increasingly popular E-Sports activities at colleges and universities across PA. Learn about the PA E-Sports Coalition [] and how schools are leveraging advanced technologies and infrastructures to support competitive e-gaming. Presenter(s): Bill Thomas, Chairman, PA E-Sports Coalition; Chad Smeltz, Director of E-Sports, Harrisburg University


Cybersecurity Working Group

Open meeting of the Cybersecurity Working Group. New members welcome.



Afternoon break and visit with vendors.


Closing Keynote

Closing Keynote

5:00 PM

Vendor Expo Closes

6:00-9:00 PM

General Reception

Socialize and network with attendees during the General Reception.


Border Gateway Protocol 101: BGP Demystified


Border Gateway Protocol 201: BGP Deeper Dive (Hands-On)

Part 2 of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) workshop builds on the BGP 101 workshop and will feature a deeper dive into advanced configuration with hands on exercises and additional instructor led training. Workshop Note: BGP 101 & BGP 201 can be taken individually or as an all-day workshop. Presenter(s): Peter Southwick, Senior Solutions Architect, Integration Partners


IPv6 (Hands-On)

This customized workshop will provide attendees with the foundation knowledge needed to deploy and operate IPv6 in an academic environment. Instruction topics include, but are not limited to the following: Addressing, Architecture, Capabilities, Configuration, Features, Header Translation, Integration, Migration Planning, Packet Generation, QoS, Routing, Security, Specification, Transition Mechanisms, Troubleshooting, and Tunneling. This coursework is approved and certified by the IPv6 Forum. Presenter(s): Brandon Ross, Network Utility Force


Determining Technology Requirements for Scientific Innovation

This highly interactive workshop, hosted by the NSF CC* funded Engineering and Performance Outreach Center (EPOC) [] will present a process that can be adopted by Cyberinfrastructure (CI) facilitators to advance the mission of science engagement. Establishing a process to regularly review network requirements ( helps to determine the current and future science communication and collaboration needs for numerous communities. The purpose of these reviews is to accurately characterize the near-term, medium-term and long-term network requirements of the science being performed. This approach brings about a network-centric understanding of the science process used by the researchers and scientists, without asking technical questions directly, and derives network requirements from that understanding. Presenter(s): Jason Zuraski, Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Hans Addleman - International Networking at Indiana University (IN@IU)


Toward Gigabit Libraries in PA

The Toward Gigabit Libraries in PA Workshop will offer libraries and library systems the opportunity to learn about the Broadband Toolkit and resources from KINBER and other library service providers available to support libraries in their ever increasing role as "digital hubs" in their communities through the use of broadband networks and advanced services.


Threat Defense Challenge

Join Trend Micro for this half-day threat defense competition in which you will get to collaborate with peers in an attempt to defend an infrastructure against attackers, using industry-leading security capabilities from Trend Micro. This will not be your typical product training session! There will be loads of action instead of dull presentations.


Strategic Planning with E-Rate

aking time to think through important processes and strategies related to the technology needed by each community anchor institution is essential. Planning for E-rate affects a lot in the day-to-day operations. In this session, we’ll cover basic questions about the E-rate process, discuss big picture strategy to utilize E-rate to meet goals (including a review of some strategies for background research of current trends in rates for services), take a look at what is going on at the FCC, and tackle challenges and problems. Presenter(s): Heather Mills, CTC Technology & Energy


Introduction to Library Carpentry and OpenRefine

Library Carpentry is a volunteer community of instructors and lesson developers who teach workshops using crowdsourced, open access lesson materials and according to the The Carpentries pedagogy. Library Carpentry develops lessons and teaches workshops for and with people working in library- and information-related roles. Our goal is to create an on-ramp to empower this community to use software and data in their own work as well as be advocates for and train others in efficient, effective and reproducible data and software practices. In this workshop we will be busting jargon, explaining commonly used terms that we use in our work, learning how to use OpenRefine for wrangling with and cleaning messy data, and discussing getting involved with Library Carpentry. Presenter(s): Joshua Dull, Digital Scholarship Specialist, Digital Scholarship Services / StatLab, Yale University Library


Network/Security Risk Analysis and Strategic Planning

The Network/Security Risk Analysis and Strategic Planning workshop provides an in-depth opportunity to work with nationally renown networking and security leaders to conduct a risk-based assessment of your network and security environment and use the analysis to plan strategically for the future. The workshop will use network and security assessment models developed and used by Indiana University and REN-ISAC to focus on a consideration of costs, risks, benefits for planning campus wide area network connectivity and enhanced security. Specific topics to be covered will include architectural options for providing connectivity to public cloud workloads, options for extending on-prem security controls to cloud-based workloads, best practices for network operators including adherence to MANRS (Mutually Agreed Upon Norms for Routing Security) principles; and common problem areas perceived in higher education security operations, establishing a campus security plan, and entertaining an objective campus security assessment. Presenter(s): Steven Wallace, Enterprise Network Architect and Technical Adviser Networks, Indiana University; Mark Bruhn, Peer Assessment Engagement Manager


Introduction to Network Automation

The Introduction to Network Automation Workshop will provide a brief introduction to network automation and highlight some common tools, such as Ansible. Familiarity with Linux CLI, YAML and Jinja2 is helpful but not required. Participants will need to bring a laptop and will be working with a virtual development environment. This workshop is a joint presentation of Internet2, KINBER, and the Global NOC. Presenter(s): Grover Browning, GlobalNOC @ Indiana University


Fortifying the Enterprise Network (NGFW)

As security architects consider how to provide comprehensive threat protection for their enterprises, including intrusion prevention, web filtering, anti-malware and application control, they face a major complexity hurdle managing these point products with no integration and lack of visibility. Gartner estimates that by the end of 2019, 80% of enterprise traffic will be encrypted and 50% of attacks targeting enterprise will be hidden in encrypted traffic. Come explore real-world scenarios and learn how Next Generation Firewalls can leverage threat intelligence security services to protect and defend many of the most vulnerable threat vectors, including those that encrypt traffic. This session will focus on how to reduce complexity by integrating various vector specific point products into a NGFW with the capability to automate action and enhance visibility into applications, users and the network. Attend this technical training workshop and gain hands-on experience fortifying the enterprise network with full featured NGFW solution. Presenter(s): Oliver Mcnair, Fortinet


Splunk KINBER User Group

Splunk KINBER User Group This session will connect all of the regional institutions currently using Splunk within their IT departments to share best practices, develop new use cases and derive as much value as possible from a machine data platform. Introductions and brief overview of current Splunk deployment from each attending institution Deep Dive on 3 use cases: Information Security, Compliance, End to End Application Performance Monitoring Splunk Roadmap: Overview of newest or soon-to-be-released features Center of Excellence: Tools and strategies for developing a “Splunk practice” that supports the healthy/organized proliferation of Splunk across multiple departments while maintaining centralized control/visibility Speaker: Craig Vincent- Lead Technical Strategist @ Splunk Higher Education + State & Local


Joanna Grama
Senior Consultant, Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Joanna Grama has more than 15 years of experience in higher education with a strong focus in law, IT security policy, compliance, governance and data privacy. She is a member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee and serves as the chairperson of its technology subcommittee. A prolific author and frequent public speaker on information security and privacy issues, Joanna is a Senior Consultant at Vantage Technology Consulting Group where she advises higher education clients on information security, privacy, and risk management issues.

Sean Sweeney
Americas Director & Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Solutions Group

Sean Sweeney is Americas Director & Chief Security Advisor in Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Solutions Group. In this role, he is primarily responsible for aligning and mobilizing his team across the U.S., Canada, and Latin America to deliver thought leadership and deep customer engagement. He is also responsible for regularly engaging with the security industry through public speaking, standards development, and advanced research, as well as providing strategic direction on products and services, and advising customer CXOs on security and compliance issues.

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