Inclusivity Scholarship

The KINBER Inclusivity Scholarship (formerly the Diversity Scholarship) initiative is aimed at broadening participation in the field of advanced networking technology to encourage diverse and new attendance at KINBERCON 2023, the organization’s annual conference.

KINBER is offering up to eight inclusivity scholarships for participation in KINBERCON 2023, taking place April 25-26 in Pittsburgh, PA. Each scholarship includes admission to the full conference program, including all meals and receptions on Wednesday, April 26.

The KINBERCON annual conference provides a valuable opportunity for participants to exchange information on best practices for the advancement of research and education networks and applications. The conference also provides a unique opportunity for mentorship and networking with statewide and national leadership in the areas of IT infrastructure, services, research and education.

Applications for the scholarship are encouraged from women and minority applicants as well as from individuals who have never previously attended a KINBER annual conference.

Scholarship Guidelines:
Applications should be sent to Alexis LaPointe at with the subject line “KINBER Inclusivity Scholarship.” Applications will be reviewed by the KINBER Inclusivity Scholarship Committee comprised of representatives from the KINBER staff, board, and member community. Scholarship awardees will be notified at least 14 days prior to the annual conference. Any applications received after the deadline will be considered only if funding remains available after evaluating the applications received by the due date.

Scholarship Review Criteria:
Scholarships will be awarded based on application merit. Priority will be given to applications from diverse and/or underrepresented populations. Priority will be given to applicants from an education or non-profit organization. Applicants who have never attended a KINBER annual conference previously are strongly encouraged to submit.

Contents of Application:
Biography: A brief description of the applicant, including name, title, organization affiliation, address, and contact information.
Application: A brief letter describing the applicant’s interest in attending KINBERCON and why the applicant feels the experience would be beneficial to her/his professional path.
Indication of Management Support: The application should also include an indication that the applicant’s manager supports the applicant’s request to attend the conference and technical training.

Restrictions: Scholarships are available to members of the KINBER community in Pennsylvania as well as other members of the research and education community across the US with strong preference for applications from the non-profit, educational community. For-profit applications are permitted but are asked to include a more detailed description of why the scholarship assistance is being requested.

Conditions of Scholarship: Scholarship awardees are expected to attend the conference and technical workshop and to prepare a brief (no more than one page) report highlighting any particular discussions or sessions attended of most interest/benefit that may apply to current roles and responsibilities.

Conference reports should be submitted within 30 days of attending the annual KINBER Conference and should be sent to Alexis LaPointe at

Application Deadline: March 3, 2023