KINBERCON 2016 Presentation Archive 
Tues. April 12, 2016

Session 1 | 8:30 – 9:15 a.m.

State of the PennREN Network 
Speaker(s): Mike Carey, Director of Operations, KINBER

Hear an update on the upgrades and changes to KINBER’s PennREN network and how these enhancements benefit your institution. [.pdf]

The Rise of Multi-Vector DDoS Attacks
Speaker(s): Ahmad Nassiri, A10

DDoS attacks increasingly threaten data privacy and business operations. Attack mechanisms are evolving and growing more sophisticated to bypass existing firewalls, costing significant company revenue in IT resources and damaged brand recognition. With recent threats increasing in size and scale, cloud-based, commercial solutions are simply not enough. In this session, learn about the evolution of multi-vector DDoS attacks and solutions for mitigating them before it’s too late. [.pdf]

Inter-Data Center Solutions that Reduce both Capital and Operational Costs
Speaker(s): Joe Yohannan, Arista

Three compelling use cases – Netflix, BOX, and Equinix will be presented to demostrate reduction in costs in an inter- data center environment. [.pdf]

E-rate Fiber Options: Understanding the Second E-rate Modernization Order
Joe  Freddoso, Mighty River, LLC

Recent updates to the federal E-Rate program including the FCC‘s Second E- Rate Modernization Order which provides additional flexibility for schools and libraries to obtain funding for fiber infrastructure will be discussed. [.pdf]

Welcome and Opening Keynote KINBER in 2016 Updates and Announcements [.pdf]
Speaker(s): Wendy Huntoon, President and CEO, KINBER

IT The Endless Frontier [.pdf
Plenary Speaker:
Florence Hudson, SVP and Chief Innovation Officer, Internet2

Session 2 | 11:00 – 11:30 a.m.

Secure Cloud Services: AT&T Netbond
Speaker(s): Jonathan Drew, AT&T

Learn about AT&T NetBond, a service that taps software-defined networking technologies to help enable entities to bring the cloud within their VPN network – avoiding exposure to the public Internet and helping to mitigate security and performance risks. AT&T NetBond® enables you to connect, or “bond,” your AT&T virtual private network (VPN) to cloud service providers of your choice such as: Amazon Web Services, Blue Jeans Network, Box, Cisco WebEx, CSC Agility PlatformTM, HP Helion, IBM Managed Cloud Service, Microsoft Azure and Office 365,, IBM SoftLayer, Sungard, Availability Services, VMware vCloud® AirTM. [.pdf]

PennREN GlobalNOC Services
William Fulk and Ben Shively, GRNOC, Indiana University

Understand the PennREN GRNOC features and services including the diagnostic tools and technical support available to KINBER institutions. The presenters will also offer Pro Tips for engaging with GlobalNOC engineering and operations. Understand automation and the network life cycle, and take away tools you can use for operations support and network measurement. [.pdf]

Last Mile Solutions Panel
Terry Cummings, Lightower; Bill Risse, CONXX; Scott Burkhardt, Premiercomm

Hear three very different perspectives on “last mile” connectivity solutions: fiber, lit services and wireless options. [.pdf]

IOT Initiatives at Pitt Brian Stengel, University of Pittsburgh
Brian Stengel, IT Service Owner, University of Pittsburgh

Attendees will be encouraged to talk about IoT projects and opportunities on their campuses following a presentation on several Internet of Things initiatives currently underway at Pitt. [.pdf]

Session 3 | 11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

SHLB Update on Lifeline, E-rate, Rural Healthcare, and Presidential Politics
Speaker(s): John Windhausen, Executive Director, SHLB

Hear an update on: the FCC’s recent decision to expand the Lifeline program to include broadband services and improve broadband adoption; the potential that E-rate applicants have to deploy their own fiber networks; the delay in improving the Rural Healthcare Program and the impact of Presidential politics on the future of the FCC and national broadband policy. [.pdf]

Border Monitoring at 10Gb: A Member’s Perspective
Speaker(s): Paul Grieggs, IT Security Manager, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Maintaining security and visibility at the border for multigigabit connections had the potential to consume the entire security budget and staff at a mid-sized state school. Learn how the university minimized costs as available Internet bandwidth grew from 1Gb to 10Gb. [.pdf]

Virtualized CPE (vCPE) Options and Automation
Speaker(s): Peter Southwick, Manager Solution Architect, Integration Partners

Virtualized CPE (vCPE) offers customized services while lowering the capital and operational costs of the equipment. This presentation takes a look at three models for deploying vCPE. Each represent a move towards network function virtualization that can be deployed also by any enterprise deploying equipment at the network edge, not only service providers. [.pdf]

Women In IT Networking WINS
Wendy Huntoon, President and CEO, KINBER; Kathy West, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Florence Hudson, SVP and Chief Innovation Officer, Internet2

Women in IT Networking at SC initiative is an effort to expand the diversity of SCinet volunteer staff and provide professional development opportunities to highly qualified women in the field of networking. This session will provide an overview of the WINS program and feature a participant in the WINS program from Pennsylvania. [.pdf]

Session 4 | 1:30 – 2:15 p.m.

Regional Optical Networks Provide Endless Resources Panel
Speaker(s): Elwood J. Downing, VP, Business Development & Community Networks, Merit;  Sheri Prupis, Vice President for Academic Community Engagement, NJEdge.Net; Ann Zimmerman, Manager, OARnet Client Services, OARnet

Regional Optical Networks provide access to a network and online educational content resources. OARnet, Merit and NJEDge.Net will discuss an array of research and instructional resources available to advance the teaching, research and administrative missions of RON members. [.pdf]

IPv6 101
Speaker(s): Brandon Ross,Chief Network Architect & CEO, Network Utility Force

Understanding the transition to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and its many technical and security benefits will be addressed in this session. [.pdf]

Smart Cities Update
Speaker(s): Glenn Ricart, Founder and CTO, US Ignite 

Dr. Ricart will present an overview of Smart and Connected Communities efforts across the nation and the funding opportunities that come with them. Applications and services coming out of the US Ignite program will be described. There will also be an overview of the results from the recent NSF Applications and Services Workshop. [.pdf]

NSF Campus Cyberinfrastructure Grants Recipient Panel
Speaker(s): Wendy Huntoon, President and CEO, KINBER; Carrie Rampp, Associate Vice President and CIO, Franklin & Marshall College; Ron Smith, Director, Network & Infrastructure Services, Information Technology Services, Bucks County Community College; Lisa Angelo, Dean, STEM, Bucks County Community College

This panel will highlight recent NSF Campus Cyberinfrastructure grant recipients from Pennsylvania including F&M, Bucks County Community College and KINBER. [G. Huntoon .pdf | C. Rampp .pdf | R. Smith .pdf | L. Angelo .pdf]

Session 5 | 2:30 – 3:15 p.m.

Internet2 Update
Speaker(s): Linda Roos,  Sr. Director, State and Regional Networks, Internet2; Florence Hudson, SVP and Chief Innovation Officer, Internet2; Susannah Spellman, Executive Director, US UCAN, Internet2; Kevin Morooney, Vice President of Trust and Identify Programs, Internet2

This session will provide an update on the Internet2 network and organization, and a number of relevant projects and activity areas including network services and upgrades, US UCAN, innovation platform, international collaboration, trust and identity management, regional partnerships and more. [.pdf]

A Network Security Strategy – Presented by Comcast Business
Speaker(s): Wayne Letterman, Comcast Business

With a focus on helping government, public and private sector enterprises build, enhance and mature their network traffic analysis, network forensics, security operations and incident response capabilities, this session will exemplify how to improve your information security posture. [.pdf]

Understanding Replication: Become a Master of Disaster
David Day, Zerto

Using Cloud IT offers flexibility, agility and reduces costs. However, few consider replication and orchestration as the enabling technology for a strategy to solve many of today’s IT challenges. [.pdf]

Packet-Optical SDN Field Trial for Multi-Layer Network Optimization Speaker(s): Stephan Neidlinger, Vice President, Application & Solution Management, ADVA Optical Networking and Juniper

The presentation will describe results of a multi-layer and multi-vendor SDN field trial in KINBER’s network. Demonstrated use cases include bandwidth on demand, multi-layer traffic optimization, high availability packet link configuration, packet link re-route after optical link failure. [.pdf]

Session 6 | 3:45 – 4:15 p.m.

Where the Internet Lives
Speaker(s): Jerry Marshall, CEO, Netrality Properties

This talk will highlight the key differences between Carrier Hotels & Data Centers and take you inside the Netrality portfolio of network neutral Meet Me Rooms. Learn how you can benefit from being part of a national colocation platform. [prezi link]

Hyrbid Cloud Security
Speaker(s): Brad Scherer, Specialist Systems Engineer, f5

Hybrid Cloud Architectures are vulnerable to many types of attacks. These can primarily be grouped by type into a taxonomy that includes network attacks, session attacks, application attacks, and business logic attacks. Each type should be matched with the best technology for mitigating that attack. Learn about the F5 BIG-IP portfolio of products that provide effective anti- attack technology for each layer of the taxonomy. [.pdf]

KINBER Digital Cloud: The New Digital Repository Solution for PA
Speaker(s): Jennifer Oxenford, Director of Community Engagement, KINBER; Abhishek Hegde, Systems Analyst, NJVID

Learn more about the new KINBER Digital Cloud digital media repository service for Pennsylvania. Developed by NJVID and offered in PA by KINBER, this award- winning platform simplifies storage, streaming, and preservation of academic and research media for higher education institutions of all sizes. [.pdf]

Roadmap for Trust and Identity at Internet2
Speaker(s): Kevin Morooney, Vice President, Trust and Identity Services, Internet2

In January 2016, Internet2 established the Trust and Identity division so that dedicated focus and leadership would be available to help guide this important space to its members. Come learn about what’s in store for Trust and Identity at Internet2 – from what’s next for InCommon and news about the TIER (Trust and Identity for Education and Research) software releases scheduled for later in April. [.pdf]

Closing Keynote [Full Transcript] 
Speaker: Pennsylvania State Senator John T. Yudichak